In light of the demographic changes and increased lifespan, Germany is experiencing a rapidly increasing demand for skilled nurses

What are the duties of Nurses in Germany?

Nurses are responsible for monitoring, providing advice to, and caring for patients, whether in hospitals, care homes or the patients’ homes. Depending on their specialisation and their qualifications, some nursing professionals may also perform other duties such as documenting and evaluating care procedures, following doctors’ orders and assisting them in their work.

How much does a Nurse earn in Germany?

A certified nurse who just finished her exam has a monthly starting net salary of 2.000 €.

What does the program for nurses in Germany consist of?

Participate in a one of a kind preparation program where you will have the opportunity to experience the German culture while learning the language, improving your quality of life, and acquiring state of the art professional abilities.

Program cooperation with DeFa

We are an official cooperation partner that works hand in hand with the German Agency for Health and Nursing professions ( DeFa – ) to successfully guide you throughout the process, ensuring all international standards are met.

Your future employer

Depending on your wishes , goals and the results of your interview with future employers, we will assign you to a hospital, clinic or nursing home. We have customers in the South, West and East Germany. For example: Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. You will continue preparing your B2 German languague certification while completing your training at a nursing school. After taking an exam to confirm your qualifications, you will work full-time, and receive a starting salary.

What do we offer you at Nursesbridge?

We will guide you every step of the way, from the initial competitive selection process to your successful adaptation in Germany.

You can rest assured that all internationally recognized ethical and social regulations will be observed.

All of our services are free of charge (all is paid for by your future employer).

Become a nurse in germany

Medical Bridge Services

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Comprehensive help with program application.


Competitive selection process.

Travel expenses

Mexico City/Moscow – Germany.


Initial lodging provided by hiring hospital.

Monthly scholarship

Monthly scholarship provided until salary is received.


Fees and application process.

German language

Training to obtain B1 certification, later in germany training till B2.

Professional recognition

Course to confirm your medical knowledge.

Signed contract

Once you are selected as a participant you will receive an employment contract from a hospital, clinic or nursing home within our network.

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