process example

In order to give you a feeling for the process and the duration of the individual steps, we have presented a sample process based on the target language level B2. All steps can change in the actual process. Thus, the duration of the visa preparation and the issuance of the deficiency notice may vary and depend on the processing time of the authorities. Unsuccessful language exams may lead to a prolongation of the process.

General information

Living and working in germany is certainly different from your homecountry. Different rules and laws, rights for employees there are a lot of things, where you could be interested in. Also the way to germany has a lot of restrictions and governmental processes.

To inform you in a good and systematic way, th “Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe” KDA, a organisation which is neutral and supported by the german ministry of health issued an information brochure, which gives you first information about a lot of points


  • professional field
  • migration process and promoting integration
  • working life
  • recognition process
  • langueage

Information brochure

Mission statement

In addition to many of the information provided by the brochure, it is important for you to have absolute trust in us and our work.
As a company, we have given ourselves a declaration of principles in which we state our values and commitment to various international conventions. It is good for you to know that we also demand compliance with these conventions from our clients, the medical institutions.
You can find our policy statement here

mission statement

Complaint process

Even though we believe that our process and actions are always in the best interest of the caregivers, you may disagree with something and want to voice criticism or a complaint.
MBG sees every complaint as an opportunity. Therefore, we have given ourselves a process to take advantage of these opportunities.

complaint process